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In 1519, King D. Manuel I bestowed the title of Count of Vidigueira onVasco da Gama. It would be in the calmness of this pretty little Alentejo town, set amongst the vast golden plains, cork trees, olive trees and vineyards that the man that discovered the sea route to India would live happily with his family for some years.
HerdadedoSobroso is set into this unique landscape that is replete with historical reminiscences and heritage, now strongly influenced by its proximity to the largest artificial lake in Europe, the Alqueva Dam.
Set in a region famous for its rich gastronomy and for its convent sweets, the restaurant at Herdade do Sobroso Country House speaks for itself. Here, the menu is both rich in land produce and is very extensive. The hard part is choosing among the thousand and one dishes that have continuously been awarded prizes in gastronomy competitions for several years. 


The Property

Sobroso is a long-established place that is heavily populated with Cork Trees and is a distinctive property comprising of 1600 hectares. At Herdade do Sobroso, on the banks of the Guadiana River next to the Alqueva Dam, in the DOC Vidigueira Region, where the Upper and Lower Alentejo converge, up to 660,000 cork trees were planted in recent years


Sofia & Filipe

Sofia Ginestal Machado and Filipe Teixeira Pinto were still Zootechny and Oenology students when, Sofia's father, architect António Ginestal Machado, decided to acquire the property.
The future path of the young couple was clearly set at an early stage as together they developed the project - Herdade do Sobroso Wine & Country House.
This project has bonded wine production, in one of the most extensive vineyards in all Alentejo, with the prospective of a space of architectural quality, to become a dynamic component in the region.
A Herdade do Sobroso arose from a love of Alentejo, from a deep rooted connection "to the Land", from a passion for wine and from a strong desire to create something to "leave" to future generations. Personally, a Herdade do Sobroso, is a way of Life..."